Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday July 23, 2012

hey everyone,

why in the world would you adopt another chihuahua? cant we get a dog
that isnt completly useless. haha just kidding, well not really but
what can you do. Yeah everything here is all good. We worked our butts
off looking for miracles to hit 13 baptisms and we hit it. Actually
were at 18, Highest it has ever been. Last time they hit 13 was in
1982 so were for sure setting a high new goal. it feels good though.
We have two more baptisms this weekend and then were done for july.
its been good though. i was sitting in church yesterday thinking about
everything and how much i love my mission and i was getting sad haha.
I dont hate anything about it anymore. its like the perfect life.
nothing makes me sad or upset anymore i just have figured it all out
and it feels good. i dont wanna come home. not even to meet faith.....
i love teaching people and tracting even. its weird man but true. I
love this ward a lot to. Pukalani will always be my favorite but this
is a very very close second, so yeah everything has finally come full
circle. so there is my little bit of emotion for the week haha. thats
all i will share. all is good and its going by fast.

love you all

elder allen

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