Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday July 23, 2012

hey everyone,

why in the world would you adopt another chihuahua? cant we get a dog
that isnt completly useless. haha just kidding, well not really but
what can you do. Yeah everything here is all good. We worked our butts
off looking for miracles to hit 13 baptisms and we hit it. Actually
were at 18, Highest it has ever been. Last time they hit 13 was in
1982 so were for sure setting a high new goal. it feels good though.
We have two more baptisms this weekend and then were done for july.
its been good though. i was sitting in church yesterday thinking about
everything and how much i love my mission and i was getting sad haha.
I dont hate anything about it anymore. its like the perfect life.
nothing makes me sad or upset anymore i just have figured it all out
and it feels good. i dont wanna come home. not even to meet faith.....
i love teaching people and tracting even. its weird man but true. I
love this ward a lot to. Pukalani will always be my favorite but this
is a very very close second, so yeah everything has finally come full
circle. so there is my little bit of emotion for the week haha. thats
all i will share. all is good and its going by fast.

love you all

elder allen

Monday July 16, 2012

Hey everyone,

how is everything going? that sounds fun about girls camp. a
missionary that just went home called me this morning and he was out
on utah lake telling me how awesome it was so thanks for rubbing that
one in haha just kidding. No everything is good here. we had a super
busy week and im glad its p day. i needed to rest a little bit.

Transfers were on wednesday and so we got basically a whole new zone.
Its a way cool one too. Like all of my way good friends that i have
gotten throughout my mission (except grover) are all here haha. its
fun. They told us they got all of us here because were BAPTIZERS haha.
 thats hilarious to me because its true.
We got our harvest report for baptisms for each missionary and all the
of ones here have the most in our mission. They did that because our
stake/zone has the lowest amount of baptisms in the whole mission and
everyone makes fun of it and doesnt want to come here. Our goal for
july is 13 which is the highest it has ever been in the history of
this stake, we have 4 baptized and 16 with baptism dates its a good
feeling to be on top of everything like that and were hoping to show
everyone that it can be done in the kaneohe zone. So keep praying for
our success because we have something we need to prove president said.

WE confirmed daisy on sunday and that was good. we also had a miracle.
as of yesterday, to go back with the baptisms we only had ten with a
date and of course some will fall through. So we were praying to find
some solid baptismial dates. Daisy shows up to church with 5 of her 9
kids and i find out that two more of them can be baptized, so this
isnt about numbers or anything...... buttttt we have two more coming
up on the 28 now haha. just what we needed. It still is amazing the
things that happen when you just work. No one was home this week and
it was more like a screw this no one wants to hear anything but we got
some good blessings sunday and its because of our dilligence in not
quitting when it sucked. testimony builders everyday man.

And on thursday we got a mini missionary again to come with us. I dont
know why i always get them but they are fun. His name was jordan and
he is from our stake. He was with us over the weekend and it was way
fun to have him. He brought back a lot of greenie fire i think in both
of us and kept us going because we wanted him to love it so if this
last week had to be a bad one he helped us get over it.

so yeah. everything is good. as long as we hit 13 im gonna be happy.
hope you have fun at girls camp and that everything goes how you want
it to. love you all

elder allen

Thursday, June 28, 2012

June 27, 2012

hey everyone,

sorry it took so long to email. we have p day today instead of monday
because we went to the temple. It was way good, cant wait to go there
with all of you. I dont know why but the temple always makes me kinda
trunky for a second. i think because all of my memories of the temple
are home haha. but yeah. fun times. We finished the second car
yesterday. We had to take the top end off twice, becuase we did the
intake manifold gasket wrong and it was leaking but the second time
worked like a charm. if you need anything done to a 96 ford explorer
4.0 pushrod v6 i can take care of it. haha no but it sucked. fun for a
few minutes but im glad its over. All of our baptisms are still going
forward good and are investagators are progressing. the cool thing
about this area is no one tells you what you want to hear. they are
either sincere or jerks so its easy to find the elect that actually
need or want the gospel. we just have to work twice as hard to get
them..... pros and cons i guess. we had a way good fireside on sunday
in which our whole zone sang. it was way good though. elder whiting
gave a way good closing talk. he is a new 70. i am stealing some
things from him for my homecoming talk. thanks to grandpa mcdonald for
telling me to take notes for that my whole mission i think that i will
actually have it ready by the time i do get home. thanks grandpa haha.
but after that we had more food of course and just relaxed the rest of
the night. it was fun. Brother kava, my ward mission leader made the
refreshments. he ordered like 80 loaves of french bread, cut them in
half and stuffed ice cream in them. so warm bread and ice cream.
definitley a tongan thing but way good, and funny. alright well thats
about all. thanks everyone, love you lots,

elder allen

June 18, 2012

hey mama. how is everything going? glad st george went good, cant say
i wished i was at those plays but glad you guys got to go. I know you
all ways said we need like culture or something to our lives but i
have a new culture and it definitley isnt plays haha. just kidding i
would go, just grumble a little bit. Thats cool that you ran into the
aiwohi family. there name is really big over there. i cant say i know
who that is but its cool. made me homesick for maui a little bit. but
its a small world haha.

everything here is going good. we had president interviews on
thursday. that went good he basically told me that it gets hard to
stay focused towards the end so to keep it up. he listed off all this
stuff that he wanted to focus on but couldnt, one of them was the heat
and thunder games and i had no idea they were even playing so i guess
he is just a little bit focused on it haha. it was funny though. he
also interviewed daisy on with date on thursday. she passed and came
to church yesterday so thats good. i know he was pretty bold with her
but she took it well so im excited for her to keep movin foreward. we
also had a 4 hour plan of salvation lesson with some lady who is
basically mormon already. the spirt was there for about 45 minutes of
the 4 hours and then i was done haha but it was good. just way to
long. to many questions and stuff. next time were going to try to keep
it in check better haha. but yeah its all going good.

elder grove and i also did a ton of service this week. on friday we
helped a family move all there stuff onto the lawn for a yard sale and
they just watched us do it all. it was really frustrating. the dad sat
on his lazy boy with a sierra mist and just told us what to move next
so we were both not very nice to them haha. they were very capeable to
do it themselves. they have like 3 older boys but for some reason they
called us. it must be a white thing because brown people dont pull
stunts like that..... then on saturday elder grover and i again went
with our bishop to install solar panels. he just sat down in the
garage and said follow the pattern of the old ones. i have faith in
you haha. i understand that. he is older and it was hard work but i
cant believe he trusted us to do it all. I also didnt know you could
soder copper pipe. we had to do it twice because the first time we did
it every pipe we sodered was leaking, more like exploding water and
bishop laughed and said opposistion in all things. not what i wanted
to hear. but the second time we went much slower and got it. it was

so yeah thats my week. my thighs are getting jacked from all my bike
riding haha and im losing weight. im down to 155 now. i guess thats
good. i eat like crazy now though haha. im always hungry but its good.

oh and last night went to a tongan fathers day firside at a beach
park. it was way cool. tongans are still my favorite polys. so humble
and loving. brother kava, our ward misison leader calls me his white
tongan son because of all my memmorized tongan i got down and i can
eat as much as him haha its funny. so i call him tamae tonga or father
tonga, its funny. he is way cool. he is going to utah next summer so
you can meet him.

and last thing this sunday were having a fireside for investagators
and recent converts. it will be good and some how we got roped into
singing. done understand that one but ill try to record it because i
guarentee it wont be good haha. elder whiting is the concluding
speaker and its his last talk before he moves back to kaysville. weird

k well love you all. glad you had a good weekend and happy fathers day dad.

love elder allen

June 13, 2012

Soooooooo, its been a long time since i emailed last haha. A lot has
happened and ill try to get it all in here the best i can,

My companion is elder obray from north ogden utah, he is like the most
normal companion i have had in the last 10 months and for once i dont
feel the stress of doing EVERYTHING. its way good and we work our
butts off. Elder grover is here with me again and we live together on
the third floor of a apartment building with a huge balcony where we
watch over our little town until 1030 everynight haha. its way fun
just seeing all the toursits and people walking around and doing
stuff. This place is really nice. I feel like i finally have a normal
mission and am not babysitting or worrying about anybodys problems but
our investagators which is how it should be. I can focus on missionary
work and thats it. ITs all that consumes my time. Its kinda nice and
im way happy with it.

We have a lot of good stuff going on in our ward. We have 2 baptisms
for july scheduled, daisy and her son korey. 33 and 10. Daisy has 9
kids though and were hoping to baptize 7 of them when they all come
home 4 days from now. that would be a lot of baptisms. She is getting
interviewed on thursday by president for some PT's but is super solid.
We have had some really spiritual lesssons with her. Our other very
good investagator is becky. she is a white lady from here with her
awesome family whose sister is a member in North carolina. She said
she has always been a good example to her and is progressing. we hope
to get her with a date on thursday. These are the most solid
investagators i have had in a long time. I feel like im being rewarded
for the crap i had for a while which im ok with haha. Everyone i tell
that i was in waianae like freaks out and says how was that? and
anything crazy happen there? i for sure have had some of the worst
areas haha.

My ward is way cool. One of my favorite familys from pukalani comes
here and i saw them the first sunday i was here and that was cool. the
general authority is in our ward. our bishop has a huge house and
sells islands for a living(yeah i didnt know you could do that either)
and my ward mission leader is super FOB (fresh off the boat) from
tonga. My favorite polynesian people. I cant think of it getting any

cool story realy quick, so last thursday we had a crazy day doing tons
of stuff going everywhere. we had an appointment at 4 with becky and
then dinner at 5. so the appointment got over and like 515 and we were
way far away from dinner, plus on bikes so we called and then peddled
fast haha but we got there and went to mcdonalds, we had to be at the
chapel at 6 to teach the relief society about how to be better member
missionaries so we were crunched. but while eating my mcdouble
somebody popped my tire on my bike with his knife like 4 seconds
before we were about to go. elder obray saw it but didnt say anything
so that the single lady we were having dinner with didnt have to worry
about us. so we got outside and i started walking my bike to the gas
station to lock up, but some guy pulled up and said hey can i fix your
bike like way randomly so i said yeah sure haha. i wouldnt turn that
down, he took my bike and told me that he would drop it off outside
our church at 8 when we would be done. SO i left and ran to the church
behind my companion alllllllllllllllllllllll the way there. it sucked
but its ok. like 3 miles though taught the lesson which went way good.
and then at 8 went outside to my bike sitting there with a new tire on
all pumped up. I didnt see the guy again and i have no idea who he was
but i appreciate him. Miracles happen every day haha. but yeah. kinda

well love all you guys. talk to you soon

elder allen

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

May 21, 2012

Hey mama,

your guys week sounded way good. im glad that everything went good for
grandma them and that she was able to do that. of all people she
deserves it. i bet it was stressful though. this last week was pretty
good, we had that mission tour and i learned a lot, i feel like a lot
more for when i go home then for the missionary work here. how to take
care of less actives and why it is so important. it was way good. I
got to be interviewed by elder holland and talk about everything that
is going on. it was way cool. but yeah. i think our next week baptism
has been canceled, he showed up to church smoking and he told us he
didnt haha so im going to talk to him about that. oh well. we can only
do so much.

sorry it took so long to email but i was busy with zone conference
training. so i just finished it..... i love you guys though and thanks
for all you do.

love you.

elder allen

May 7, 2012

Hey everyone,

yeah everything here is all good. not much went on this week. i guess
thats what happens when you get 5 new investagators the week before.
but the tongan stuff is going good. im not really sure what to do with
it except just visit members and try and get refferals because
tracting half of oahu and trying to find tongans is way harder than it
sounds haha. there are like none anywhere; so i feel bad because im
not doing much for that ward but i dont know how to do it. Its all
good though. we have a lot of work in nanakuli and we have our 3
baptisms this saturday. that will be good. We havent had one of those
for a while now. Im excited. My tongan comp is named elder mavae and
he is straight from the island, or FOB. (fresh off the boat). He is
funny though and it just reminds me that tongans are the best
polynesians haha. WE have mission tour coming up soon like that one
last year when i flew to big island and zone conference to. it will be
a good last few weeks of the transfer. well i love you guys everything
is going good. ill talk to you next sunday.

love elder allen.